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    1950's ArcoLiner Boiler (3 Posts)

  • Paul C. Paul C. @ 10:47 AM
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    I have a 1950's American-Standard ArcoLiner steam boiler, Serial: 0154T, Series: 1BTJ on a one pipe system. I,m having trouble getting steam to the second floor along with some banging toward the end of the cycle. I've already played musical air valves to no avail. My guess is wet steam (sight glass is priming and level drops)so the boiler probably needs cleaning as the oil man only services the burner and doesn't give a hoot about the hydronics. They don't even test the LWCO or pressure relief. I do. Can anyone provide documentation as to preventive maintenance on this unit? By the way, I'll take steam heat over hot air any day, too bad there aren't more new installs. Thanks.
  • steve steve @ 7:54 PM
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    A Good Experienced

    Oil burner mechanic should always look over the system especaily during an APM. Most people that don't have a contract that covers service on they're equipment doesn't get surviced as well as a contract customer. in other words if you don't have a contract and you call for service, the mechanic most likely will flag the call and not do such a great job, said but true. With the way your system is running, it seems like you might have a steam leak somewhere. Some ideas - When the burner is running look outside at the top of the chimney, if you see white smoke there's your leak. possibly all airvents should definitly be check and replaced if needed check 3/4inch Main Vent. check returns. but your best bet would be to get a good oil burner mechanic to look over the system and resolve the problems your having. I'm located in N.Y. . Where are you Located?? steve
  • BobC. BobC. @ 8:05 PM
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    Firstly, if your oil company tech doesn't want to test all of the components on your system it is time to switch companies. There are enough of us doing the job correctly so cut your losses and move on.Have you introduced anything into the system that may cause surging? Have you replaced any piping lately? What is your pressure control set at? Is your boiler overfired? Start with these ideas and good luck.
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